5 things volunteering can do for you

You likely already know volunteering your time and energy is a great way to give back to the community and serve those less fortunate, but the act of generosity also has a positive impact on you, the volunteer. Here are five things volunteering can do for you:

1.Volunteering can teach you new skills

There is a large range of skills that you can hone while volunteering. You can learn anything from how to use power tools by helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity, to improving your communication skills by volunteering at the front desk of Boys and Girls Club. A volunteer can even develop more basic skills like cooking, cleaning, or time management. There is a lot to learn when it comes to volunteering.

2. Volunteering can improve your resume

Through the skills you learn and the people you meet, volunteering can help improve your resume. You can volunteer at a place that is related to your interests giving you real world work experience that would help your resume stand out. (For example, a person interested in education could volunteer to work with kids.) Volunteering can also provide you with amazing connections. The people that you volunteer with can talk honestly about your work ethic and help persuade a potential employer to hire you. Volunteering at the right place with the right people might just be the boost your resume needs to get the job you find the most interesting.

3. Volunteering can help you make new friends

Whether you moved to a new community or are just looking to expand your social circle, volunteering can help you make new friends. Volunteering is a great way to meet people with a common interest. By volunteering alongside like minded people you start to develop great friendships. You will also end up meeting other people you wouldn’t have meet if you hadn’t volunteered. Getting out and volunteering in your local community helps you connect with new friends and helps you to get acquainted with people in the area.

4. Volunteering can give you the chance to try something new

There are so many volunteering opportunities out there, and barely any of them are exactly alike. Trying different volunteering opportunities allows you to try new things, and maybe you’ll even find a new favorite pastime. Whether you volunteer at a music festival and discover a new favorite band or you end up volunteering to mentor children and they teach you a new dance move, volunteering allows you to expand your horizons. And you might just learn a thing or two, too.

5. Volunteering can ease your mind

As an undergraduate student I have a lot on my mind and a lot to worry about. Volunteering can help you take your mind off your own worries. Giving back to your community can give you a renewed sense of purpose and perspective.There is also a lot of data that supports the claim that volunteering helps battle depression, stress, and anxiety. Helping others less fortunate can ease your mind over your own worries, and it might also give your life a new sense of purpose.